Facility Management for the Food Industry

Services With High Standards

industries is a demanding task. This is because of the diverse plant and systems and the differing client-specific production requirements.

We offer comprehensive cleaning services for production systems: for machines, production lines, refrigeration rooms, closed systems and the associated equipment to walls, ceilings, lighting, piping and silos.

We have developed innovative, tried and tested procedures and our personnel receive intensive training and induction. With appropriate equipment, they are able to carry out cleaning operations that support you in effective implementation of your HACCP concept.

Further production associated services are also part of our portfolio, for example internal logistics, operation of the container washing plant and personnel support in the production process.

Our modern concepts and consistent inspection procedures prevent any contamination of production processes and help you to ensure maximum product integrity and systems availability.

In addition, we offer all of the services which support your core business from appetizing staff catering to competent technical services and professional security services. We utilize interfaces between the individual services resulting in improved cost efficiency and higher standards of quality. When processes and requirements change, we are flexible in the deployment of personnel and in the provision of individual services. 

Call us or send us an email. We would be happy to advise you on a solution for your individual needs. 

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Hygiene Cleaning

Individual and Reliable

Our concept for hygiene cleaning, 360° Hygiene, offers hospitals, and food processing operations reliable hygiene. An integrated system takes all of the factors which influence hygiene into consideration.


Staff Restaurants

Our staff catering concept provides your personnel with meals which are light, healthy and balanced.